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About... Emre Altan

Emre Altan, born in 1972, Istanbul. Started piano in 1980, first composing (to ballet teachers) at the age of 10. He studied violin and contra-bass in Istanbul University Conservatoire, where he was one of the very few 'perfect pitch' ears and continued Suzuki method, violin class for extreme talented students with Hakan Sensoy, and also studied contrabass up to 1991. He gave several performances in Robert College festivals, weddings and organizations. He went to Bilkent University and studied Management. In 1995 he started working in Manajans/Thompson as trafficker. In 1998, Agency Ultra, as Traffic Supervisor and in Agency Rekta as account supervisor, up to 2002. Then he quit advertisement business, and began working in his studio preparing film music, jingles, commercial dance music to Misha Collozin in Çiğdem Tunç's tv program.  In 2009 he established Mr and Misfits with Ceyda Caba a great vocalist, modern dancer, designer and painter... and began preparing demo albums. Meanwhile, he started to learn speaker design. He upgraded his studio with a new design point source, full-range Audio Nirvana speakers with a custom built cabinet that really helps for mixing and mastering. He gave several performances in parties and organisations such as 'Harper's Bazaar'event... Composed jingle to Armada Hotel. Up to 2013, he has finished his own album 'Turkish Coffee and Mint Liqueur' in jazz / lounge / world style, in the name Ealtan, released it in digital platforms. With Mr and Misfits, he finished 3 demo albums, named 'When the day is over' (which had great reviews from Ilhan Ersahin in NewYork and Izzet Oz in Istanbul), 'Journey' and 'Feel'. Emre Altan and Ceyda Caba worked with such great musicians, in recording sessions, Kerim Gonencer and Resat Saral... gave several performances in Istanbul's major venues, bars and clubs such as Getto, 60m2, Nublu, Urban Bug Lounge, Topless... In 2015 mr & misfits became romantic dolls, changing the style and performers, with contribution of Sarp Keskiner, recorded new music, and released their first album "User", continuing the journey with DyNaMik Records, Ireland. romantic dolls gave several performances, album release parties in Istanbul Shaft, Izmir and Cesme.
Emre Altan worked as international project and branding consultant in Bionaturel firm between 2013 and 2019, and he still continues studio works, music production and designs custom speaker cabinets, room acoustics for audiophiles, professional demo rooms, and studios.
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