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Speakers and Room acoustics  

The research...

The concert hall sound you can actually achieve in your room... And now, you are on stage with the band! Many speaker producing companies try to do their best to give you this impossible dream and some do... at the price levels of a fast family car! The reason is its extremely difficult to obtain an ultimate formula to please everyone in every room...

Every room has different acoustics and resonances, and every ear has routines to that environment. Every part of your system has a ''sound''... even your cables. After choosing your turntable or a quality cd player, streamer, it's very difficult to choose best companions; amplifier and speakers, just like choosing best bodies. We believe honesty and simplicity are the best solutions to this. When choosing an honest speaker, it should be beyond the complex formulas to please everyone... it has to be reasonably priced and it has to please just you!  It should be simple enough just to give some alternatives to you...That's why some of the industry began looking for the answers not in the complexity but in the simplicity. As simple as it gets, they are full-range single driver speakers, without electronic parts and cross-overs...

In recent years there are many developments in point source full range single drivers. The major problem was they didn't have enough wide frequency responses and high efficiency in the past... But now they do! They have enough db to work with the tiniest low-watt tube amplifiers. You don't need that extra gain of your active pre-amplifier. The 8" Alnico driver can give 40hz to 20khz  (-/+3db) with 96db efficiency in our smallest speaker cabinet. (Most music in the markets have roll-offs starting between 40hz and 50hz.) If you want to search more deep down than 40hz in our monitors, we recommend subwoofers... Actually bigger the volume of cabinet gets, the deeper the bass.  The 10"Alnico with our "Big Boy" cabinet, we perfectly have down to 30hz with 97db efficiency.

Full-range, single speakers have many undeniable advantages. They are highly efficient, extremely detailed, 3d (like you're there sound) and dynamic. No cross-over or an electronic circuit is on the path, the sound is the purest, organic and most fluid... and never boring!

They have only 1 disadvantage. They are not the best in balanced sound character. They don't have flat response. Even the most expensive ones usually  have high peaks around 5khz to 8 khz and rarely between 8 khz  to 11 khz...  Usually the bigger the driver gets, the more un-balanced  they become. (But bigger the driver gets, more full-body sound character they have as well) This problem can not be fully eliminated in the driver design or production process. But choosing the size and magnet is important in this manner. That's why we mostly work with 6.5"Alnico, 8" Alnico or 10"Alnico drivers, the ones without whizzer cones has to be preferred if wide dispersion of treble is not wanted (but we still prefer the ones with the whizzer cones) and there are things to tame that peaks in the speaker cabinet design, stuffing, placement or digital room correction.  For us being cross-overless is way better even with digital room correction or eq. And most conventional speakers which are supposed to be more balanced also need digital room corrections (according to our measurements) as well... 

Lowther is one of the best known company that produces full-range drivers. They are indeed highly efficient and very detailed. But still expensive. The prices of Lowther Alnico drivers start from 1500 USD...  And many Lowther speaker designs are massive horn designs which need massive areas... Fostex is another well known company that produces good full range speakers... some say their 8" Alnico drivers are the most balanced (not like Lowthers) but still, not in the level of best in high efficiency and detail areas. Mark Audio Alpairs are recommended but don't have drivers bigger than 8" (so no full-body sound of a 10"driver) and they need horns for bass as well. There are better brands such as PHY, Feastrex, Voxativ (even better than Lowthers in most areas) indeed, but a lot more pricey than Lowthers. (some models more than 3000 - 4000 euros...)

After our research we discovered Audio Nirvana speakers. It's in the range between Lowther and Fostex in capability and most reasonably priced according to their sonic capabilities. They have every size drivers. They are sold by Commonsense Audio... The firm sells Lowther and Fostex drivers also, and produce their own products in the same factory, which makes the prices reasonable... Up to now, with all our research, and with all our experience in listening to more than 250 speakers, Audio Nirvana's was our final decision!

After choosing our brand, with Audio Nirvana's owner David Dicks' help, we now have the experience of designing a simple bass reflex speaker with no cross-overs and complexity... The driver just connects to your amplifier with the best reasonable cable you can afford... and nothing else interfears... Why bass-reflex??? The reason is obvious, David Dicks says at least 90% of all speakers produced up to now is bass-reflex. It's a very simple design and easy to built. The other factor is the Audio Nirvana drivers are capable to compensate the negative sides of bass-reflex design... especially the ones with Alnico magnets.  He explains briefly why he chooses bass-reflex design in his site, commonsense audio.

After choosing our brand and design type we researched more about the acoustic design and the room resonances. The relationship with the speakers and the room you're listening to is the major point... sometimes they don't get along.  Standing waves are a major problem... So you have to make acoustic treatments to your room... but, that can be made up to a point!  And nobody wants to spent a fortune to see massive sound treatments on the walls!!!

And now another conclusion...

You're not only listening to your speakers...
You're listening to your room as well.

After finalizing our thoughts we simply can apply the formulas that a better sound can be achieved for less money by designing the speaker as simple as we can according to our room resonances... 

What we do...

We simply try to learn what you need, measure your rooms acoustic responses and choose a driver with you from Audio Nirvana, according to your budget, and design a bass-reflex cabinet for that driver, (according to the tech-specs of the driver) listeners position and room measurements. Designing is step 1.

Then we work with a carpenter to built a 18mm MDF cabinet, with 18mm MDF + 18mm Birch Plywood front baffle or (18mm + 18mm Birch Plywood if needed) cabinet  with Birch plywood braces and sandwich panel damping system (with rubber-roofing felt if needed) check the measurements, check the braces, adhesives,  control the process. When it's all ok we have it painted, polished the color you want. When the painting dries, we again control the cabinet and start internal stuffing, damping, cabling and screw terminal cups or binding posts and the driver. Then put a hard rubber feet. That's step 2. 

And finally, after the speaker is finished, and set in your room, connected to your system, we try to optimize what position to set the speakers, make adjustments with the angles and displacement from the walls, according to the response of the room behavior. We apply acoustic treatments in your room as far as we can (especially bass-traps) and sometimes (mostly) use digital eq with microphones to calibrate for ultimate acoustic corrections. 


ENJOY your tailor made best quality suit ! For an affordable price...

Can any ready made suit be better than this??? 

And...  Whenever you've an opportunity to compare any of our custom made, optimized & calibrated speakers with traditional fabric-made, multiple driver speakers (with cross-overs) please watch out for the price tag to be at least  2x of your speakers.

Otherwise it'll be waste of your time.


And afterwards please share your smile with us on Instagram!   


AN 8 3.jpg

The Audio Nirvana 8'' Alnico driver with ealtan "Big Boy Classic " cabinets. 

A 87 litre cabinet, a version of David Dicks' design 2.8 MKII.

18mm MDF cabinet with 18mm MDF + 18mm Birch Plywood front baffle. MDF internal braces.

Front baffle is V shaped. Cable inside is Inakustik Premium 2x2.5mm. 

Acousta stuff is used for damping, rockwool is used at the buttom. 

Rubber-feet used under the cabinet. White semi-gloss finish.

AN 8 4.jpg

Audio Nirvana 8"Alnico with "Big Monitor V2" design. 45 litre cabinet with V shaped back. 18mm MDF cabinet with 18mm MDF + 8mm Birch Plywood front baffle. Birch Plywood brace. Cable inside is Mogami 3103. This natural sound charactered cable is especially chosen for this cabinet to be studio monitor. Sheep wool damping applied. Pastel white matt finish.

Mushroom feets used.

AN 8 1.jpg

Front ports tuned before digital eq calibration


Audio Nirvana 10"Alnico with ealtan "Big Boy Classic " cabinet. Front baffle is V shaped. 89 litre cabinet made of 18 mm MDF, 18mm MDF + 18mm Birch Plywood front baffle. Cable inside is Inakustik excellence MSR 2x4mm, very special charactered German cable. Braces inside are Birch Plywood, sandwich layer used with 5mm roof rubber felt. Acousta stuff is used for damping. Rockwool with half-ball shaped rubber is used at the buttom. 

Special made rubber feet (Angel's feet) is used under the cabinet. Pastel white matt finish.

Ports tuned before digital room eq calibration.


Angel's Feet

Devil is in details... We designed a ''spike - look'' feet with a hard rubber... its upper part is 80% hardened rubber and floor touching part is ''ball shaped''... 3mm touching on the floor.  It handles the shock resonances  between the speaker and the floor just like an expensive spike, but unlike a spike, it prevents the  movement of the speaker, and it doesn't scratch the floor. Hight adjustable and durable.

We have 5 types of speaker cabinet designs: 

1) Big Monitor 

2) Standart 80 lt

3) Big Boy 

4) Standart 160 lt

5) Big Daddy 

Big Monitor, Big Boy and Big Daddy can be designed in 2 ways. 

V shaped front baffle: Classic

V shaped back: Version2 

Big monitor can be designed between 45lt to 50lt, Big Boy can be designed between 85lt to 92lt's and Big Daddy (with the largest volume alternative) can be designed between 120lt to 160lt according to the needs. We think the Big monitor cabinet size is small enough to full-fill 8"Alnico driver specs needs and big enough to full-fill rooms between 18m2 and 30m2. The big boy cabinet is small enough for WAF, big enough to full-fill rooms between 28m2 - 42m2. But if your room/listening area is bigger, it's better to use Big Daddy or Standart 160lt. with 10" Alnico driver. (But remember, we design 120lt to 160lt Big Daddy with 24mm MDF cabinet and 24mm MDF + 24mm Birch Plywood front baffle. Especially 160lt is really big and can do back hernia with the 10" driver!)

We use Inakustik premium, Excellence 2x4mm or Mogami speaker cables for different applications or needs. (We actually prefer not using a terminal cup or binding post and continue the same cable directly to the amplifier but we do not advice it for most of the customers who may want to change their cable afterwards)

Standart ones are Audio Nirvana's David Dicks design mk2 versions. They are either 18mm MDF or 18mm Birch Plywood. One brace, Inakustik Star or Supra 2x2.5mm speaker cable. Acousta-stuf damping.


We use rubber feet under all floor-standing models and mushroom feet under Big Monitor.


Angel's feet and speaker grills are on special request.

ealtan speaker cabinet prices: 

Big monitor cabinets starts from $750.

Standart 80 lt cabinets starts from $850.

Big boy cabinets starts from $975.

Standart 160 lt cabinets starts from $1225.

Big Daddy cabinets starts from $1250.

Prices are without the driver, VAT and shipment.  

Prices are given for white color, matt or semigloss finish and can vary according to size, special colors, lacquer paint or other requests.

For designs, speaker & room calibration, acoustic treatments, adjustments, additional requests and more information :

We can calibrate and optimize not only our custom speakers but any speaker or monitor, according to the room acoustic response. Not only for audiophiles but pro-studios, home studios, demo rooms... as well.

For more details :

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