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Studio Works

Studio Works: What we do...

* Advertisement music 
* T.V and Radio music
* Movie soundtracks
* Music for video games
* Music for web sites
* Music for call centers
* Commercial album  arrangements, recordings, mixing, mastering and production

How can we help you?

Custom made jingles, soundtracks are usually unique and more expensive than ready made stock music... they consume more time and energy... If you want cheaper and less time consuming work, you can also check our stock music bank for both giving you ideas and cheaper use options, contact and tell us about your opinions and we'll help you with our 7 years advertising and 3 years marketing knowledge, besides music.

We can also provide extra studio equipments and technicians as well, if needed. We usually work and share business with specialists who we know and trust their work for more complicated requests such as voice-over, post production...etc.

We can especially help you with  movie soundtracks, music ideas with a production team, who have experiences in TV program direction, movie direction, post production, TV sound engineering, art directors and choreographers if needed... We work with the best! There is nothing wrong, asking for ideas and help, if you don't have enough  knowledge and experience, but it's very wrong acting like you know everything!

Some of our studio equipments:
- Yamaha p-85
- Rode nt2a mic
- Macbook pro 2.3 i7 running Logic  
- TC electronic impact twin audio interface
- Behringer deq 2496
- Behringer src 2496
- Holo Audio Cyan dac
- Cherry Audio Stereo Marachino King           (60v) power amplifier
- Adcom gfs-4 passive speaker selector
- Music Hall c-dac 15.3
- Teac tn 300 turntable
- Audio Nirvana 10''Alnico with ealtan          Big Boy cabinets / reference speakers
​- Kef LS 50 monitors
- Shure srh 1540 reference headphones
- Audio Technica m40 headphones
- Supra Lorad mk2 power cable
- Pangea 14 awg power cable
- Inakustik excellence speaker cables
- Mogami XLR interconnect cable


Some of our stock music... contact us for more...


the chase!


​Copyright 2013 ealtan

Licensed. All rights reserved.

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