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​​ealtan albums

The double album ''Turkish Coffee & Mint Liqueur'', in jazz / lounge / world music style by ealtan is now in digital platforms; bandcamp, cdbaby, spotify, tidal...

romantic dolls (also known as mr & misfits) established by Emre Altan and Ceyda Caba, with contribution of  Sarp Keskiner

Check out album ''User"  in 60's - 70's rock / psychedelic rock / soul meets with todays electronic music style.

Now in digital platforms; bandcamp, cdbaby. spotify, tidal, deezer...

romantic dolls albums


Studio Works



commercial music, 

recordings, arangements, mixing and mastering

speaker cabinet design

We're building custom made speaker cabinets for both audiophiles and professional studios. We use Audio Nirvana full-range, single drivers and design cabinets, according to your room acoustics and your taste.

For ultimate listening experience... 

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